Plastic windows and doors

With their lean lines and attractive design, the plastic windows made by PKS okna are suitable in family houses as well as in industrial structures.  They provide perfect acoustic and thermal insulation, and therefore are suitable even in passive and low-energy houses. Modern fitting ensures easy handling the window, and protects your flat or company from violent entry. Our plastic windows do not required any special care; they do not let fluid in, and have almost unlimited service life.

Plastic window 84


Plastic window 84 represents the top in our portfolio. It features excellent thermally insulating properties that predetermine it for use even in low-energy and passive houses. The base forms a plastic profile Inoutic Eforte, all-circumferential fitting Siegenia Titan AF and triple insulation glazing.

Basic parameters

Number of chambers 6
Building frame depth 84 mm
Plastic profile Inoutic Eforte
Number of seals 3

Plastic window 76


Plastic window 76 made of plastic profile Inoutic Prestige is a higher, more exclusive and technically more sophisticated window than the 5-chamber Plastic window 71 of the Inoutic Arcade profile.  Those have greater building frame depth and more chambers that, along with an extra seal, ensure maximum thermally insulating properties.  Plastic window 76 is an excellent option with regard to its universality and its parameters. We offer the window in two variants - with two or three seals.

Basic parameters

Number of chambers 6
Building frame depth 76 mm
Plastic profile Inoutic Prestige
Number of seals 2 or 3

Plastic window 71


Plastic window 71 is the basic line in our plastic window portfolio. It is made of the Inoutic Arcade plastic profile and, in the design with straight leaf, keeps simple and smooth lines. It is an ideal option for easy users searching for a modern product for their house or apartment; it also suits family and apartment houses, and is perfect in industrial buildings. Despite its lower cost, the window excels with its good thermally insulating properties.

Basic parameters

Number of chambers 5
Building frame depth 71 mm
Plastic profile Inoutic Arcade
Number of seals 2

Plastic doors


Entrance plastic door is the first thing that the owner or visitor looks at when entering a facility. Plastic entrance door is not only solid, resistant to weather effects and almost maintenance free, but serves also as a secure and comfortable entry to trade centres, service and administrative buildings or family and residential houses.

We offer entrance plastic doors in a wide spectrum of colour design variants that always corresponds with specific customer requirements as well as with the architectonic solution of the structure, whilst maintaining maximum quality, functionality and aesthetics.

We currently offer the below listed plastic entrance doors to you:

  • Plastic entrance door 76
  • Plastic entrance door 84

Basic parameters

Building frame depth 76 and 84 mm
Number of seals 2

Colour scheme of windows and doors


We offer all plastic windows and doors in a wide spectrum of colour scheme. Please do not hesitate to contact us to help you choose the colour variant!